HEN Explores the Feasibility of an Urban Eco-Farm in Halton

Urban farming refers to growing or producing food in a city or heavily populated town or municipality. Urban farming can support the well-being of individuals and communities in many ways, including providing fresh produce to communities, creating a sense of community belonging, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

With Halton Environmental Network’s role in climate action and education, we set out to understand if an Urban Eco-Farm could also serve as a learning centre to increase residents’ awareness of the impact of the food system on climate and the environment.

With generous funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation,  we have completed a feasibility study.

The purpose of the feasibility study was:

  • To assess the viability of establishing a year-round operating Urban Eco-Farm in Halton Region.
  • To learn if there are models in other cities that can be replicated in Halton.
  • To determine if an Urban Eco-Farm, through the delivery of educational programs, would result in citizens changing the way they produce, consume and waste food in order to reduce their carbon “foodprint”?

Take a deeper dive and learn more in the Executive Summary and Final Report, along with key learnings below.

What we learned...

There is a high level of interest from many parts of the community in an Urban Eco-Farm in Halton, with many different expectations what it might include. Many of those who participated in the study were very excited about the idea of an Urban Eco-Farm in Halton. 

Building, funding and establishing an Urban Eco-Farm would require collaboration and partnerships.The amount of work involved in setting up and operating an urban eco-farm cannot be understated. Our research indicates that other, similar initiatives have had large-scale institutional funders and/or collaboration among several invested partners.

To be successfully an Urban Eco-Farm needs to be local, accessible and inclusive. Residents don't want to have to travel and emit more GHGs to get to an urban eco-farm.

Interested in exploring this idea further? Email andrea@haltonenvironment.ca

"An Urban Eco-Farm could empower people to see how individual actions lead to a bigger change when it comes to tackling the climate crisis."

What does this mean for HEN?

  • HEN is already engaged in relevant activities through its programs of Halton Food, OakvilleReady, and Greening Sacred Spaces.
  • HEN has an interest in this project as it relates to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and building climate resilience, and as it aligns with several United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • HEN would want to elevate research and outcomes in relation to climate change and agriculture
  • HEN is ready to have conversations with potential collaborators and partners.


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