Canoe Gardens Across Halton

Canoes never looked so colourful!

We are proud to partner with ArtHouse Halton to create sustainable gardens to not only repurpose retired canoes, but also create an eye-catching space for native plants to live and grow. Every Canoe garden created is enhanced with rich artwork designed by local artists of all ages.

This initiative uses the power of the arts and education to help promote environmental stewardship, throughout our communities. Community members will learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, and the importance of pollinator gardens. The gardens will provide a food source and habitat for local birds, wildlife, insects, and other pollinators. With some pollinator plants, one old canoe can become an ecosytem. Do you have an old canoe to donate? Email us at

What is a Canoe Garden?

Canoe Gardens are beautiful and environmentally sustainable gardens, that add to any community space. We take "retired canoes" meaning they are now unusable, and repurpose them. These canoes that were destined to rot in landfills now create a small ecosystem filled with local and native plants, insects, and pollinators. Due to invasive species, land use changes, and changes in the environment; the diversity of native plant species has dramatically decreased. By creating a safe space for these plants to live, we are helping native pollinators rebuild this lost diversity.  This initiatives is based on a David Suzuki project and also acknowledges the significance of the canoe in Indigenous history. Our canoe project can be enjoyed by everyone in the community.