Canoe Gardens Across Halton

Canoes never looked so colourful!

We are proud to partner with ArtHouse to create sustainable gardens to not only repurpose retired canoes but also create a safe space for native plants to live and grow. Every Canoe garden we create is enhanced with rich artwork designed by the students. Making each canoe vibrant and full of life!

This initiative uses the power of the arts and education to help promote environmental stewardship throughout our communities as we seek a cleaner and healthier climate. Students will learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, and the importance of pollinator gardens that can reduce soil erosion; The gardens will provide a habitat and resources for local birds, wildlife, insects, and other pollinators. Do you have an old canoe to donate? Email us at

What is a Canoe Garden?

Canoe Gardens are beautiful and environmentally sustainable gardens to add to any backyard or community space. They not only repurpose old canoes that would otherwise rot in landfills, but they create a small ecosystem filled with local and native plants, insects, and pollinators. Due to invasive species, land use changes, and changes in the environment, diversity of native plant species has dramatically decreased. By creating a safe space for these plants to live, we are helping native pollinators rebuild this lost diversity.  

Based on a David Suzuki project, the Canoe Gardens also acknowledge the significance of the canoe in Indigenous history. Our canoe project utilizes "retired canoes" (Canoes that would normally be destined for a local landfill), we repurpose these unusable canoes into gardens that can be enjoyed by everyone in the community.


Where can you find Canoe Gardens in Halton?  

HEN staff have worked on Canoe Gardens across Halton, partnering with local community groups for each project. Read about each of the gardens and learn more about the plants that were chosen for each site.




Pilgrim Wood Public School
1551 Pilgrims Way, Oakville
Mar 2018 – Oct 2018 

Oakville Town Hall
1225 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville
May 2019 - ongoing




356 Burloak
An Arthouse Neighbourhood Community




First Ontario Arts Centre
1010 Main St, Milton
Sept 2019 – Sept 2020 


 Halton Hills


Coming Soon!


Do you have an old canoe that is ready to be retired?

We are looking for old canoes that can be used for our canoe gardens. If you have a canoe to donate please email

Don’t have a canoe to plant?

That’s okay! Each native species you plant at home, at work, at school, anywhere you can, it all helps protect our pollinators and restores our local ecosystem.

Want to source native plant species for your garden? 

HEN is proud to source plants from Kayanase Greenhouse, located on Six Nations land. By working with Indigenous growers, we are ensuring sustainably sourced seeds and plants. These plants are also locally adapted to support pollinators, small mammals and other animals living in this region. 

For support in selecting plants and to facilitate the purchase, please contact HEN staff