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Check out Canoe Garden Resources, This is a special HEN, ArtHouse and ROCK partnership:

JK to Grade 8 students will paint "retired" canoes which will be transformed into pollinator gardens. Read more here.


Depave Paradise addresses the proliferation of hard surfaces in urban environments through the primal act of ripping up unused pavement and replacing it with soil and vegetation. 

For more information about potential Depave Paradise projects in Halton, please contact Andrea ( to discuss ripping up pavement and replacing it with native species! You can also find out more here.

Check out the Food Loss and Waste Report and Infographic.

Follow #HENZeroFoodWaste on social media for more tips and tricks on reduce your own Food Waste at home!

You asked. We measured. You spoke. We listened. 

Check out the Halton Climate Collective's "Every Action Counts" Infographic.

Check out Synchronous learning tools provide a virtual learning environment for students.

This free online workshop is designed for Grade 2 Students and uses both interactive tools and powerpoint to teach students what is climate change and how they can take action in their own lives. Read more here.

Find out more about #HCCReads Campaign for 2020, as we read Shelia Watt-Cloutier's Right to be Cold, pick up your copy at your local library or online. 

Read more here

Meet two local families who have chosen to maximize energy efficiency by building to the Passive House. standard.

Read the full article here.

The National Climate League is a yearly project developed by the Climate Reality Project Canada, first launched in Winter 2018. The NCL is an exercise in participative democracy, highlighting local solutions that help improve the lives of everyday Canadians and sets Canadian municipalities on a path to carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Check out the 2020 standings here.