Summer 2020 Programs

Get Ready for the Summer!

Let's have a safe, engaging, interactive and fun summer! 

Check out these great summer initiatives that will get you interacting with nature both virtually and in person all around our community. 


Eco Heroes - Camp HEN

We are very excited to launch a virtual summer camp this summer!
Introducing Eco Heroes, a Virtual Summer Camp experience, where all camp activities will be done from the comfort of your own home individually but connected with peers from all around Halton, through an easy to use online format.
This week-long program will provide kids with activities and experiments teaching them about how to lead a more eco-mindful lifestyle and give back to their communities!

Eco-leaders is open to primary aged students to discover the natural world within their own neighbourhoods. These summer eco-leaders will learn how their actions can make a positive impact on the environment around them with themes like Backyard Biodiversity and Waste Management for Beginners.
Register for the Virtual Summer Camp
If you have any questions about how to register or interest in getting involved please do not hesitate to contact

Pop-up, Clean-Up

Have you been noticing a lot of waste and litter? Do you want to get involved and help with a local clean up?

We have the initiative for you! Join us for local "Pop-up, Clean-up"event this summer. With everyone at home, community clean-up initiatives have been put on hold. To get them back on track, we're launching a Summer Pop -up clean-up initiative all summer long.

These safe social distance community clean-ups, will benefit us all by ensuring waste is properly disposed of thereby improving our environment so we everyone can enjoy the great outdoors!

To support you during the clean-ups, we will provide proper safety measures (Gloves etc.) and other precautions (physical distance etc.) to ensure you are protected from COVID-19. While we track and measure the waste, we ensure that every clean-up is safe and fun for all ages.

Come be a part of a clean-up as we remain physically distant but socially conscious as we work to support the environment that sustains us.

If you or any community groups are hoping to be a part, feel free to reach out to Dorian at

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