Growing the Size of the Greenbelt

HEN's comments on the Province’s ERO #019-3136 Growing the Size of the Greenbelt

The Ontario Provincial Government posted ERO #019-3136 for public consultation on protection of the Greenbelt from development for future generations recognizing, “The Greenbelt is home to much of Ontario’s vital environmental, groundwater and agricultural resources.” In the government’s 2020 Budget, a pledge was made to expand the size of the Greenbelt.

HEN provided comments supporting expansion and enhancement of areas protected within the Greenbelt recommending a science-based, comprehensive system integration approach with meaningful consultation with Indigenous Peoples, impacted stakeholders and the public.

Take a look at the Halton Environmental Network’s comments on the ERO #019-3136 framed within responses to the Province’s six questions.

Read HEN's comments for the Consultation on Growing the Greenbelt

HEN welcomes Ontario Headwaters to share information about the Growing the Greenbelt consultation process.

This webinar, part of Growing the Greenbelt 2021: REGIONAL RESILIENCE, is being led by the Ontario Headwaters Institute, with funding from the Greenbelt Foundation, and will feature insight from professional planners and Greenbelt educator Susan Lloyd Swail.

Recorded: April 6, 2021

Hard Urban Boundaries

What does it mean to establish hard urban boundaries?

How does it affect agricultural lands and green spaces? What does this mean in the context of a changing climate? Watch the webinar with special guests, Kevin Eby, Peter Lambrick and Ann Joyner to answer these questions and click the link to see the questions answered by our guests to learn more!

Recorded: March 29th, 2021

CORE Lunch & Learn

Learn more about the Nelson Aggregate's application to expand their industrial operations on Burlington's Escarpment: a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and what you can do to get involved.

Webinar presented by Gord Pinard, President, CORE Burlington. For more information about CORE Burlington please visit their website: http://www.coreburlington.com 

Recorded: December 6, 2020

GTA West Highway Lunch & Learn

We co-hosted a virtual Lunch and Learn on August 20th about the proposed GTA West Highway.

Learn about the updates on the proposed highway, the impacts to our local community, and ways to get involved with Keith Brooks, Programs Director with Environmental Defence.

Recorded: August 23, 2020

Climate Change in Northern Canada

Learn about the impacts of climate change on soil & carbon recycling.

Presenter David Bysouth, a local Oakville resident, currently pursuing his PhD in integrative biology at Guelph University. David will speak about his work on assessing landscape sustainability under the changing climate.

Recorded: November 28, 2019

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