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Pop-up, Clean-up

Have you noticed a lot of waste and litter in your community? Do you want to get involved and help with a local clean-up?

These Pop-up, Clean-up events will not only clean up the Halton community but also ensures proper disposal, as well as track and measure the litter collected. The collected data will empower our community to make informed decisions on how to protect our environment going forward.

By following all safety guidelines provided, including the COVID-19 protocols, this activity can be facilitated in a safe manner.

We are excited to introduce Litterati, a new waste tracking app that can be used to make cleaning up easier for you! Stay tuned for more information coming in April.

This spring, come be a part of a clean-up as we remain physically distant but socially conscious while we work to support the environment that sustains us.

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New Partnership to Support HEN's programs

We are excited to announce a new partnership with TruEarth!

TruEarth specializes in providing eco-friendly laundry detergent. HEN will earn 20% of the profit from every purchase, which will help support our programs while doing the earth a great deal of good!

Get your eco-friendly products now at the link: fundraising.tru.earth/HaltonEnvironmentalNetwork

Click here to buy your own eco-friendly products

The Halton Environmental Network welcomes Envirothon to the Halton Community!

Envirothon is open to teams of students who will have the opportunity to participate in virtual, regional events focused on community science challenges and friendly online activities.  There will be both a competitive stream, where teams can vie for a spot to participate in the online presentation component of the provincial champion title, or a non-competitive program for education and fun!

As part of an Ontario Envirothon team you will:

  • Learn about environmental science;
  • Contribute to community science projects;
  • Develop innovative solutions to environmental problems;
  • Gain exposure to career opportunities;
  • Connect with the environmental community in Ontario.

Halton Environmental Network is holding 3 webinars that is open to any one who is interested in finding out more information about Envirothon, how to participate, and what is required to compete.

You can also check Forests Ontario’s site here for more information.


Welcome to Earth Week 2021!

Halton Environmental Network invites you to join us for a week full of fun activities, scroll down to see them all including:

  • Bingo card with interactive activities you can complete at home with your family!
  • Fun and Interactive upcycling workshops, hosted by Georgia Wiggins, with a LIVE workshop all about how YOU can create your own grocery bag
  • Virtual Screening of Percy with LIVE Q&A featuring Andrea Rowe who will discuss our local food systems, the importance of seed saving, and interactions with pollinators

Check them out below!

Check out Special Earth Day Bingo Card


Download your own Bingo Card and access live links like watching HEN Earth Day Activity, download Goose Chase app with Town of Oakville, complete Halton Hills Retrofit Survey or find a recipe to cook that uses leftover food scraps.

See how many you can complete!

Download a PDF copy of the Bingo Card

Check out Special Earth Day Workshops
hosted by HEN's Georgia Wiggins

This Earth Week, help the environment by reusing old items and re-created new items you can use everyday in your home:

Create your Plant Pot from a Plastic Food Container

Save an empty food container and join us to create your very own upcycled plant pot! Collect empty plastic food containers to join and learn about plastic recycling. Watch the tutorial and learn how to upcycle a plastic container into your very own personalized plant pot. This is an upcycling workshop you don't want to miss! 

Create your own Birdhouse from Milk/Juice Carton

Looking for an eco-friendly hands-on activity for your kids this Earth Week? Join us for a step-by-step tutorial on how to upcycle empty cardboard milk or juice container into a birdhouse. Learn about the importance of upcycling and reusing while connecting with the outdoors.

Battle of the Bags hosted LIVE by Georgia Wiggins

Plastic vs. paper vs. canvas bags... think you know which is best for the environment? It's more complicated than you might think! Join us to learn about the impact of different types of shopping bags then become inspired to create your own upcycled reusable bag.


Tutorials are posted to our youtube channel, click here to see them and more!


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Past Programs:

HCCReads: Sheila Watt-Cloutier


On Thursday, November 19th at 8pm  Ms. Watt-Cloutier shared her stories from her novel “The Right to Be Cold” with our community of Halton.

Thanks to our incredible partners and sponsors, we had over 850 Zoom participants in our virtual discussion with Sheila Watt-Cloutier.

Thanks to Cogeco Cable's YourTV, many more viewers also joined us via Channel 700! We have received over 2,800 community questions and over 480 students are reading and being inspired to act after participating in Ms. Watt-Cloutier's inspirational story and talk!

We'll be sharing top 10 questions with Ms. Watt-Cloutier!


Stay Tuned for the answers
in the new year

In the coming weeks, our partners Milton Public Library, Halton Hills Public Library, Oakville Public Library, Halton District School Board Library and Burlington Public Library will be sharing the top 10 community questions, adjudicated by this team. We will be sending these questions back to Ms Watt-Cloutier for her answers and we will share Sheila's answer with you. Stay tuned! 

Please visit your local library: Halton Hills Public Library,  Milton Public Library,  Oakville Public LibraryBurlington Public Library to pick up your copy of "The Right to be Cold".

Follow #HCCReads & @haltonclimate on twitter to follow the conversation.

Let's Talk! Join us for a virtual discussion with the author, Sheila Watt-Cloutier as she discusses her novel 'Right to be Cold'.
About this Event

Join us on Thursday, November 19th at 8pm for a Free Virtual Discussion, as Ms. Watt-Cloutier will be sharing stories from her novel "The Right to Be Cold".

Her book gives an authentic perspective and personal reflections into the challenges and impact of climate change in Northern Canada. Listen as Ms. Watt-Cloutier shares her lessons with our community of Halton.

The Virtual Discussion will broadcasted and
aired on Cogeco at 8pm.

Tulip Test Garden


August 2020- November 2020

HEN is supporting a global Citizen Science project by Journey North. In this project, Red Emperor tulips will be used and are hence available locally, along with educational support to get your tulip garden started.

Anyone can participate in this project: homeowners, schools, community groups, and faith-based organizations! Register your garden in the project and become a citizen scientist! Together we'll track changes in seasons and climate around the world.For more information click here.

Free Virtual Film Screening


What will the future look like in 2040?

Join the regeneration and discover local climate solutions with a collective group of local environmental, and community groups working together to bring this free movie screening to your home.

This event took place on September 30 at 7:00 pm. This event has ended.

Be inspired, and learn about real solutions and approaches that could change our climate crisis.

If you have any questions please feel free to email: info@haltonenvironment.ca


Eco Heroes - Camp HEN

We are very excited to launch a virtual summer camp in July!
Introducing Eco Heroes, a Virtual Summer Camp experience, where all camp activities will be done from the comfort of your own home individually but connected with peers through an easy to use online format.
This week-long program will provide kids with activities and experiments teaching them about how to lead a more eco-mindful lifestyle and give back to their communities!

Eco Heroes is open to primary-aged students to discover the natural world within their own neighbourhoods. These summer eco-heroes will learn how their actions can make a positive impact on the environment around them with themes like Backyard Biodiversity and Waste Management for Beginners.
If you have any questions about how to register or interest in getting involved please do not hesitate to contact suha@haltonenvironment.ca

Summer Pop-up, Clean-Up

Have you noticed a lot of waste and litter in your community? Do you want to get involved and help with a local clean up?

We have the initiative for you! Join us for local "Pop-up, Clean-up"events this summer. Springtime clean-ups were put on hold but now's the time to get them done.

These Pop-up, Clean-up events will not only clean up community, but also ensure proper disposal, track and measure the waste collected. The collected data will empower our community to make informed decisions on how to protect our environment going forward.

Safety is also a core component of the program. These clean-ups are organized to support COVID-19 related safety protocols. Gloves and garbage bags will also be provided.

Come be a part of a clean-up as we remain physically distant but socially conscious as we work to support the environment that sustains us.

If you or any community groups are hoping to be a part, feel free to reach out to Dorian at dorian@haltonenvironment.ca.