Our Staff

Stephanie Bush

Deputy Director of Halton Environmental Network

Stephanie worked as a Social Worker for nearly 15 years. During that time, she completed a Certificate in Project Management and worked as a Family Engagement Coordinator. A break from that work found her rediscovering her passion for environmental protection, conservation and now, climate change action. With two young children, and climate change concerns increasing, Stephanie has re-dedicated herself to working to preserve the planet for the future of all. She is working with Greening Sacred Spaces as a Program Manager to support those in various faith communities to reduce their carbon emissions for the greater good.

Heather Govender

Halton Environmental Network’s  School Programme Director

Heather graduated from the University of Toronto in 2018 with a PhD in Cell & Systems Biology, and Collaborative Program in Environmental Studies. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher and a passionate environmentalist both personally and professionally. Heather strives to live her life as close to zero waste as possible, and shares her waste reduction tips and tricks with family, friends, and the public through means ranging from casual conversations, to educational workshops, to formal presentations. Anyone who participates in her waste reduction workshops or presentations can expect to learn how their personal "garbage footprints" relate to over-consumption of the earth's resources, our growing problem of ocean plastics, and climate change. Heather has run the Halton Green Screens program and much of the educational programming for HEN since 2015.

Afreen Ghouse

Halton Environmental Network’s  Program Manager


Afreen will be taking an opportunity to work with GreenPAC on a national scale project and is looking forwad to re-joining the HEN team in February 2021 equipped with new skills, and knowledge obtained from her work experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Afreen obtained a B.Sc. in Biology, with a minor in Psychology. Afreen aspires to be an advocate for the younger generation and provide them with the voice & necessary tools for climate action change. Fiercely passionate in raising awareness for our deteriorating Earth, she is determined to motivate all who will listen to put on your eco-hat, and let us sprint together to create the universal change needed for a sustainable future. Utilizing her strength in creativity and event planning, she hopes to engage communities in an interactive way to promote this message and educate others. At HEN she led the 100 Debates on the Environment for 5 Halton ridings, aided in the Generation Green program for 200 students to create their own GHG reductive projects, ran the Pop-Up Clean-Ups program, and is in charge of volunteer management.

Katrine Handley-Derry

Network Animator


Katrine Handley-Derry graduated from the University of Toronto with a master’s in environmental science, following undergraduate studies in Ecology and Film. Her passion is exploring how film can change people’s perceptions. Many of her experiences have involved engaging with the public in a number of ways: from being a Camp Director at Harbourfront, planning workshops to teach digital arts, to being part of the television show Daily Planet, bringing daily science programming to TV to spark the interest of children and adults alike. For the past 3 years, Katrine has worked for the Toronto International Film Festival on their Canada 150 project and then again in their Industry Services Department. At TIFF, she managed high demand periods, while striving to maintain excellent customer service. Katrine produces promotional videos and promotion material. With her passion for engaging audiences, she traveled and lived abroad, developing my language skills in both French and Spanish. Outside of her academic and professional career, she is a landscape painter.

Alicja Jazwiec

Food and Community Garden Animator
Alicja Jazwiec graduated from McMaster University as a Master of Science in Hydrogeology, after completing her undergraduate studies in Earth and Environmental Science. Currently, Alicja is completing her Bachelor of Education at Brock University. She hopes to combine her passions for the environment and the local community with her love for teaching. Alicja loves teaching the next generation about our local environment, sustainability best practices, and the steps we can take as a community to protect our shared environment. Her love for the environment translates into her personal life, where she enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, reading, travelling, and of course, gardening.

Lisa Kohler

Executive Director

Lisa’s career in the environmental not-for-profit sector spans more than twenty years in the U.S. and Canada. Lisa has a degree in environmental policy and analysis and certifications as an Accredited Partnership Broker and an Al Gore Climate Reality Leadership Corps trainer.With internationally-recognized leadership for inspiring climate change initiatives, Lisa has an influential role in Halton. She initiated the Halton Climate Collective, a dedicated team of regional and municipal leaders focused on advancing local action. In addition to engaging the community in climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, she champions successful HEN programs including Halton Green Screens, Oakville Ready, and Greening Sacred Spaces Halton-Peel Chapter. Lisa is skilled in collective facilitation, transitioning innovation and developing inter-relational strategies integrating climate action, environmental sustainability and the green economy.Lisa serves on the Community Energy Task Force for the Town of Oakville, Halton Equity and Diversity Roundtable, Halton District School Board’s Environmental Management Team, Green Communities Canada National Board of Directors, iMatter Canada National Board of Directors, and the Halton Region’s Natural Heritage Advisory Committee.

Riley MacArthur

Gen Co-op Student

Riley is currently doing her undergraduate degree in Environment, Resources and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo. Her passions include conservation ecology, learning about the natural environment and understanding sustainability efforts globally and locally. She has worked at a greenhouse & nursery for the past two years where she learned about native Ontario plants and how they help ecosystems in Ontario. Growing up, she travelled around North America with her family camping and enjoying nature. As a result of this, she has chosen to have a career in preserving the natural environment she loves. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, travelling, gardening, and playing soccer.

Alyson Prokop-Baker

Community Garden Coordinator

Alyson has been with Halton Food since 2018, as Education Coordinator coordinating our community gardens in Burlington as well as developing and delivering programs for Burlington elementary and high school students and the community. Alyson's passion lies in local food production and strengthening our connection to growing food. With a BSc in Plant Biology, MSc Plant Pathology, as well as a Diploma in Outdoor Education Alyson has worked for certified organic farms and built a rich career as a botanical instructor and community garden coordinator the past 15 years. Alyson loves teaching others about the benefits of being able to grow their own food and make good food choices - especially through applied learning and you'll often find her in the garden with compost-encrusted hair, mud on her face and always with a cup of tea in hand.

Andrea Rowe

Halton Food Program Manager and Greening Sacred Spaces, Garden Facilitator


After leaving the corporate world in 2005 to raise her two boys, Andrea rekindled an appreciation for nature from her childhood. She joined the Halton Environmental Network in their Greening Sacred Spaces program. As the Garden Facilitator, she helps Faith Based Organizations reduce their environmental impact through greening initiatives. Recent projects have included implementing school gardens at elementary and secondary schools, consulting on kindergarten playground rejuvenations, and assisting social organizations support their clients through garden based initiatives.

Helen Stephenson

Community Garden Coordinator

With nearly 200 square feet of vegetable gardens in her backyard, a certificate in Horticulture from the University of Guelph, and a degree in Biology from the University of Waterloo, Helen has extensive knowledge in sustainable urban agriculture. Helen joined Halton Food Council, now Halton Food, in 2017 but had been leading the Junior Gardening Program through the Oakville Horticultural Society for many years before that. Her program included lessons on vegetable growing, weeding, watering, harvesting as well as talks by experts on soil, bugs, milkweed and bees. She has also spent many years independently studying, identifying and growing species native to the Carolinian Region. She is committed to remaining up-to-date and involved with current trends in horticulture.When she isn’t gardening, Helen is actively involved with the sport of curling.

Georgia Wiggins

Gen Co-op Student

Georgia is in her second year pursuing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, majoring in Environment, Resources and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo. Her studies focus on environmental sustainability including climate change, environmental policy, and ecology. With a strong personal passion for sustainable fashion, she enjoys upcycling clothing to give garments a second life and divert textile waste from landfills. In her spare time, she also enjoys drawing, hiking, running, and learning new languages. Georgia believes in promoting sustainability at a community level and has co-organized a climate strike, planned a clothing swap, and was active in various environment focused student clubs. She is very passionate about current environmental challenges and is interested in finding innovative solutions to these problems. Georgia is very excited to be able to work with Halton Environmental Network to further explore community-level initiatives to contribute to a sustainable future.
Canadian Summer Jobs (CSJ) 2020

Hamzah Algodi

Food and Community Gardener Animator

Born in the United Arab Emirates, Iraqi National, Hamzah Algodi was heartily welcomed to Milton's community in 2013. He learned at Hawthorne Village Public School before going to White Oaks Secondary School for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Now, he heads to Western University to earn a Bachelor of Health Sciences. Hamzah has always committed himself to working with and for the community, most recently volunteering for the Milton Liberal Youth Association. Hamzah has also been always involved with youth engagement; notably, he worked 4 years as a soccer coach for a U-10 team. Lastly, Hamzah loves gardening and the environment. Gardening is a strong part of his Iraqi culture! Now, working with Halton Food as a Community Garden Educational Assistant, he gets to combine those 3 passions into one! Hamzah has an outgoing personality and can communicate in English, Arabic and French.

Suha Khan

Halton Environmental Network Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)
Environmental Education Consultant


Suha is currently pursuing a BSc ENV. in Environmental Science at the University of Guelph with hopes to major in Environmental Resource Management. Throughout her adolescence, she has had the privilege to partake in numerous opportunities such as facilitate youth-led charrettes for MP Damoff’s Youth Council as well as help plan and co-MC the Generation Green Youth Un-conference. Outside of this, Suha has also planned community-wide food and clothing drives for her high school, local community hubs and surrounding neighbourhoods. In her free time, she enjoys further developing her skills as a visual artist as well as an endurance runner. Suha is motivated to not only learn about the current climate crisis but to also take action to drive change in society in order to preserve our planet, and hopes today’s youth are as inspired as she is to implement innovative ideas to reduce the collective ecological footprint and save the world!

Dorian Knight

Halton Environmental Network Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)
Waste Diversion Manager

Studying with a math and science focus at Thomas A. Blakelock high school, Dorian is committed to constantly innovating for a better future. Dorian has been incredibly involved in his community from a young age doing volunteer work for the Town of Oakville, the YMCA, Junior Optimist International, Tech Under 20 and even with the Halton Environmental Network just to name a few. Dorian wholeheartedly believes that to have a prosperous future, the paradigm of sustainability has to be a core focus. That’s why Dorian always strives to make a positive environmental impact however he can whether that’s by joining local school cleanups, helping to lead youth sustainability initiatives or by innovating his own solutions to solve tough environmental problems. As an incoming freshman to the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences program at McMaster University, Dorian is excited to put his passion into action and make a meaningful impact. 

Sophie Martin

Halton Environmental Network Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)

Sophie Martin is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Western University and has an interest in the intersection of environmental factors and population health and ethics. She has a vested interest in sustainable practices, more specifically, limiting the use of single use plastics and reducing carbon emissions. She has taken courses at Western that focus on the contributors and expected impacts of climate change as a way to further her knowledge on the topics. Sophie first became involved in community action against climate change in high school and has continued her involvement by running programs for members of the Western and greater London community through positions within clubs as well as through the Residence Life program. In her free time Sophie enjoys dancing with UWO Dance Force, trying new recipes, and amateur gardening, especially propagating houseplants. Sophie is excited to have the opportunity to work with the Halton Environmental Network on their expansion of the OakvilleReady program and further her knowledge relating to sustainability and supporting vulnerable populations.

Nicolas Noblecilla

Halton Environmental Network Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)
OakvilleReady Animator

Having a strong passion for helping people, Nicolas believes he can best achieve this goal by pursuing a career that protects the natural environment. Nicolas attended High School at St. Thomas-Aquinas in Oakville and graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program in his four years there. He then took the year off school where he worked and volunteered in Oakville before going to Italy on a three-month mission trip where he attempted to answer many of life’s important questions and to help others in need. On the trip, he also became fluent in Italian to add to his list of other known languages which include Spanish, and some would say French (he would not). He has now completed his first year enrolled in the Honours Environmental Science Program at the University of Waterloo, where he also forms part of Waterloo’s Varsity Men’s Soccer Team. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, spending time in nature and playing sports with others. He is very interested in learning more about the world’s problems such as climate change and looking for ways to solve them. Nicolas strives to continue putting his joint passion of helping people and the environment to work, whether that is through volunteering, his job or both!