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Marsha Smith


Marsha’s journey over the last 20 years has been at the nexus of information management, environmental science, and social justice, with experience spanning every sector; private, entrepreneurial, non-profit and the public. She has worked both in Canada and overseas to improve water quality, protect species-at-risk, preserve ecosystems, and increase community resilience.

As a promoter of STEM literacy, Marsha has encouraged scientific inquiry at schools across southern Ontario and has engaged thousands of students in hands-on workshops. Through her own dedication to community service, Marsha’s work supports ambitious climate action that drives systemic change. Marsha has completed Climate Reality Training (2015), and has worked with several environmental and community organizations. 

More recently, Marsha’s sense of curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning, has brought her back to academia to further research on justice in urban climate transitions. As a current PhD Student, Marsha has both a Master of Environmental Science from the University of Toronto (M.Env.Sc.), and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (B.E.S.) in Physical Geography with dual specializations in Information Technology and Biophysical Systems, from the University of Waterloo.

Reannan Bodrug

Deputy Director

Reannan comes to us with a strong background in marketing strategy and event coordination. Reannan brings a strategic and highly organized mindset to the HEN team. She's completed a Bachelor's Degree in sciences and has a wealth of experience leading a variety of fundraising initiatives and community outreach events. Her experience in the fundraising world has developed her ability to build and sustain strong working relationships and partnerships throughout the community. In previous roles, Reannan has demonstrated her aptitude for developing effective strategies in line with organizational fundraising and corporate engagement goals.

Driven by improving quality of life in the community, Reannan is excited to be working with HEN’s community initiatives to tie together her passion for healthier communities and environmental issues.

Sundus Hussain

Community Climate Action Plan, Project Coordinator

Sundus Hussain graduated from Imperial College London, the UK, with a degree in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology following an undergraduate degree in Biology. She is passionate about environmental issues and the use of science and technology to tackle these challenges. She is excited to be working with Halton Environmental Network on greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the Halton community.She hopes this inventory will help shape new initiatives and bring awareness about GHG emissions within the Halton community. In her spare time, Sundus enjoys crocheting.

Elin Marley

Director of Garden Programs and Environmental Education

Elin has always enjoyed exploring the outdoors and started developing a passion for environmental issues thanks largely to her grade 1 teacher and her elementary school Nature Club. After studying anthropology at the University of Guelph, Elin found that food was a perfect way to tie together her interests in cultural studies and environmental issues. She continued her studies at the University of Oslo, completing a program called “Culture, Environment and Sustainability.” Working on an organic farm in 2009, Elin learned a ton about growing food and was also reminded of how real carrots taste! Since 2010, Elin has worked as a School Garden Educator, teaching elementary school students about growing food, where our food comes from, and getting hands-on experiences in the natural world.

One of Elin's favourite things about school and community gardens is the community connection that grows around it. She believes gardening ignites curiosity from people in all age groups, across cultures and languages. Elin has a dream of creating a garden programme that brings together children and seniors, and believes that her community garden work with HEN will help bring about these opportunities. Elin also enjoys cooking, hiking, cross-country skiing and folk dancing.

Andrew Triolo

Community Garden Manager & Green Space Educator

Andrew is a passionate individual who values self-sufficiency and sustainability. With a deep-rooted desire to manage his own homestead someday, he pursued his academic journey by studying Bioethics at the University of Toronto and Green Business Management at Seneca College. Andrew's unwavering motivation to give back to the community and continuously learn fuels his determination to make a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole. His dream of creating a self-sustaining and eco-friendly space drives him to embrace challenges and grow as an individual while cultivating a greener future.

Lauren Madahbee

Administrative & Financial Services Trainee

Lauren Madahbee has an extensive background in visual art, studying in fine arts at Sheridan College, as well as 3d modeling and concept art at George Brown College. While studying at George Brown College, she has taken an interest in administrative work during a summer work study position.
Lauren is eager to work with Halton Environmental Network as an administrative & financial services trainee for personal development and growth. She is always continuously learning and has a great interest in environmental sustainability.