Canoe Garden

Milton Public Library

Canoe Garden at Milton Public Library

Milton’s canoe garden is located right outside of the Milton Public Library, and is home to native plant species.

These types of wildflowers and grasses attract various pollinators including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds which creates a vibrant ecosystem!

During Milton Culture Days 2019, the canoe was painted by community members and families, with guidance from Elena, from ArtHouse, and Andrea, from Halton Environmental Network (HEN). These paintings were inspired by what the environment meant to each individual person which contributed to a diverse and beautiful canoe. The partnership between ArtHouse and HEN uses art as a means of inspiring environmental action in the community.

This September, the Milton Horticulture Society and members from the Town of Milton, ArtsMilton, ArtHouse and HEN came together for a day of planting. By choosing well suited native species, and deciding the best location of the canoe, we were all able to create and contribute to this healthy new garden!

This sense of unity and team work directly connects within the habitat created in the canoe. By planting these gardens throughout local neighbourhoods and public spaces, we are reminding the community of the beauty that comes from native ecosystems.

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