HEN Ambassador Program

Ready to be a change-maker in your High school? By joining the HEN Ambassador program, not only have you committed to creating awareness of environmental issues but you’re on your way to becoming a leader for sustainable development within your community.

Get in touch with us below for more details and to meet your HEN Coordinator.

There are five components of the program.

  1. Assess: Complete and submit an Eco-Audit for your school 
  2. Activate: Launch a school-wide campaign or initiative for topic of your choice
  3. Create Awareness: Host a screening of an environmental documentary of your choice, OR host a workshop
  4. Participate: Participate in one of HEN’s ongoing campaigns or projects
  5. Share: Contribute to one or more of HEN’s social media platforms by spreading the word about your campaign(s) or initiative(s)

Throughout the duration of the program, students will receive:

  • Opportunity to participate in workshops, tours, and community events
  • Free tickets to local Halton Green Screen events as available and upon request 
  • About 30-40 community service hours (depending on your projects)
  • Support and references from HEN Directors, including Halton Green Screens and Greening Sacred Spaces, as well as introductions to local environmental groups that can assist with projects 
  • A Certificate of Environmental Excellence (upon completion of all components)

At the end of the 2018/2019 school year, all Ambassadors will be invited to share their accomplishments and to pitch their proposals to prominent members in the community. 

Ambassadors will be responsible for completing worksheets, as well as tracking their own time spent on each component.


Your HEN Coordinator is Heather Govender. You can reach her at heather@haltongreenscreens.ca. Most communication will be via email or skype/phone conversations. Upcoming workshops and events will be promoted through the HEN Volunteer Google Group that you will be added to upon acceptance into this program.