Engage in a meaningful, school-wide environmental stewardship initiative while enjoying a fun competition against schools across Halton!

The #HaltonWasteChallenge starts with a workshop for your students, in groups comprising up to three classes. The workshop is available in English and French. The students will make one individual promise to reduce their personal waste and will work together as a school to reduce waste produced at your school. The challenge helps foster a sense of community while you work together towards a common goal, both within your own school and across Halton Region.

After completing the workshop, you will weigh your three waste streams for one week. This is usually done by a group of students with the support of a teacher champion. Participation in the #HaltonWasteChallenge only requires a one-week commitment, but we hope that your school’s waste-reducing efforts will continue long into the future!

Please complete the form below to sign up for this year’s challenge. Complete all parts of the #HaltonWasteChallenge by Friday May 17, 2019 to be eligible to win a performance by Junkyard Symphony.

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Program Goals:

  • Raise awareness of environmental issues among children and youth
  • Cultivate individual and collective action for the environment
  • Inspire students to take the lead on community action, but provide support following the event 

Events will be scheduled on a first come first served basis. Please get in touch to discuss options based on grade level and subject area. Popular workshops include:

  • Seed balls
  • Personal care products
  • #HaltonWasteChallenge
  • Toilet roll planters
  • Eco Mindfulness

All workshops include a presentation, lesson, or discussion linking the workshop to the curriculum and to environmental stewardship.