Green Drive Oakville

What are Permeable Driveways and why are they important?

Permeable driveways are specially designed driveways that seek to reduce stormwater runoff by using porous materials to allow rainwater to filter through the driveway into the soil by using different layers of stone aggregate and infill. They can be designed to work in areas that are flood-prone, as well as areas that have clay soils.

Permeable driveways offer several benefits to the property owner and the wider community including slowing down the flow of rainwater, which helps to prevent flooding and pollution on the property and in the community.

What is this study about?

This study explores the feasibility of advancing a social purpose organization (SPO) to help Oakville homeowners take sustainability actions by supporting the installation of permeable driveways (green driveways) and electric vehicle chargers. Over the course of the project, this became known as “Green Drive Oakville.”

Homeowner action to advance best practices for environmental sustainability is necessary to address the municipally-declared climate emergencies and to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Take a deeper dive and learn more in the Report.

Did you know that greening you driveway could help your community.

We are committed to...

  • Work alongside local governments to support regulatory changes to enhance market conditions and support Low Impact Developments.

  • Work on a public education campaign to promote the merits of Low Impact Developments.

  • Work on involving existing Low Impact Development educators installers in future discussions to ensure alignment with ongoing work and a fulfilment of a market niche.

  • Working alongside employment services agencies to collaborate on the development and execution of training programs.
  • Working with Partners to make Low Impact Development more accessible and feasible for residential and non-residential buildings.

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