Green Development Standards

Building Greener in Halton Hills

What is a Green Home?
A green home is a house that’s both healthy for the environment and for its occupants, with the main criteria being energy efficiency, sustainability, durability, and human health. It can apply to new homes and to existing homes too.

Green Development standards (GDSv3)
The purposes of the GDSv3 are:

  • To further elevate the sustainability performances of new developments in our community.
  • To ensure alignment with current best practices in sustainable building and development.
  • To support community-wide net-zero carbon emissions goals identified in the Town’s climate change emergency declaration.


Halton Hills is a Climate action Leader

Halton Hills declared a Climate Emergency in May of 2019 and continues to focus on climate mitigation as well as adaption through various climate action plans including Low Carbon Transition Plan.

Halton Hills is at the forefront in protecting the community from climate change.

Halton Hills aims to be Net-Zero by 2030

This will be achieved by pursuing greater sustainability and moving towards greener building options for residents. Read more here about Halton Hills Climate Action here.


The way we build, operate and maintain homes can be climate actions.


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