Slither and Crawl Privet Adventure Tour

Conservation Halton (Daily): Now is your chance to get up-close and hands-on with all the creatures that—you guessed it—slither and crawl, with a private adventure tour at Mountsberg. First, we’ll dip into the pond to discover the tadpoles, minnows, water boatmen and other species that live in the water. Then, we’ll make our way out into the field to find even more insects! Finally, we’ll get to meet one of the native snake species that lives at Mountsberg. Slither & Crawl is the summer adventure that all kids should have and it’s sure to be one they will remember. (Guests are reminded to bring masks, which will need to be worn indoors and when physical distancing is a challenge.)


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As a community, we have the responsibility to honour, care for and respect all the Creation gives to provide us with life. This includes the land, water, air, fire, animals, plants and our ancestors.

The Anishinabek Peoples have utilized this land for millennia and we would like to acknowledge their direct descendants, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, as the rightful caretakers and titleholders of this land upon which we live, work and conduct ourselves. We acknowledge our treaty relationship and responsibilities to both the land and these original peoples.

We also recognize that this land is rich in pre-contact history and customs, which includes the Anishinabek and Haudenosaunee and since European contact, has and continues to become home for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. And it is in the spirit and intent of the Dish With One Spoon, wampum agreement whereby we will collectively care for and respect the land, water, animals and each other in the interests of peace and friendship and for the benefit of not only ourselves but of our future descendants.  

The HEN Office resides on Treaty 22, Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. For more information on Treaty 22 go to:

The Halton Environmental Network is a proud member of the Halton Equity and Diversity Roundtable (HEDR) and has signed their Charter to foster an inclusive Halton community. For more information on HEDR and the Charter please use this link: