Climate Action Plan for Halton

Climate Change and the Halton Community

Climate change remains a very important issue requiring concerted action from all levels of government and individuals.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGe) are the greatest contributor to our changing climate. Buildings, including residential homes, and transportation activities are the most significant sources of our Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Halton 2019 Emissions Breakdown


Image from The Atmospheric Fund. 2019-2020 GTHA Carbon Emissions Inventory

All municipalities in Halton including the City of Burlington, the Towns of Halton Hills, Oakville, and Milton, and Halton Region have declared climate change emergencies and are working to reduce impacts from their municipal operations and within the communities.

Community Climate Actions and Municipal Corporate Climate Actions


Taking Action to Reach Net-Zero*

Halton Environmental Network is partnering with Halton Region to prepare a Community Climate Action Plan for Halton. We have collected responses from Halton residents to: 

1. Determine the willingness of the Halton community to take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
2. Help set a realistic target to achieve Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Halton community.

*The Government of Canada defines Net Zero as the state where any GHGe released into the atmosphere are balanced by the removal of GHGe from the atmosphere.

Current Municipal Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHGe)
Reduction Targets


What is a Community Climate Action Plan?

The Community Climate Change Action Plan aims to guide, motivate, and inspire our community to work together to transition to a low-carbon future. It outlines a set of strategies and actions, with targets to reduce community GHGe.

Get involved!

Consultations for the Community Climate Action Plan will begin with stakeholders in May with a Community Climate Summit open to the general public on Tuesday, May 30. Save the Date and stay tuned! Sign up below to receive event details as soon as they are available.

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Information gathered will only be used to share updates on the development of a community greenhouse gas emission reduction target and a Community Climate Action Plan for Halton.

    This work is supported by Halton Region.