Did you know that Halton residents produce over 300lbs of garbage each year?

Are you ready to take the challenge to reduce your impact on the environment?

We are so excited to get this year’s schools on board to participate in this region-wide challenge that will bring more awareness to the amount of garbage that we produce every day. Students and teachers can learn basic ways to reduce their own garbage while competing against other schools in Halton for the chance to win a free documentary screening for your school. As well, the winner will be awarded the Halton Environmental Network Award for Environmental Excellence.

The Challenge

The challenge is simple. For one week*, students will be asked to reduce & divert waste as much as possible. A team of students will be responsible for weighing all streams; garbage, recycling and compost, tracking and recording each amount for the week. At the end of the week, your team will be able to calculate:

  1. How much waste is produced per student &
  2. How much waste is being diverted in the schools

*Schools have the option of also doing this waste audit before the challenge in order to see what your school typically produces in a week.

To get the school involved, Halton Green Screens (HGS) will come in and present the challenge to the whole school. Students will be asked to write a pledge for the week that they take the challenge to reduce their waste.

HGS will set you up with everything you’ll need including a Waste Tracking Sheet, a scale (if needed), and all the materials for the day of the presentation. Once all the schools have submitted their audit information by June 1st, HGS will choose the 2017 #HaltonWasteChallenge Champion!

Frequently asked questions:

What’s the best way to present to the school?

Select a date with HGS. Book a room/library that classes can visit for their presentation. Circulate a Sign-Up sheet for teachers to sign up their classrooms for particular times. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the presentation and activity, ideally with 60 students max per presentation.

Do all teachers need to be involved?

The challenge works best if all students are aware and involved in the challenge. Curriculum links can be made to Math, Science and Social Studies. All teachers have to do is sign their class up for the presentation and encourage them throughout the week. We’ve found it most successful in the past to have a Teacher Champion to be responsible for the tracking team.

What happens if the school doesn’t win?

This challenge is meant to bring more awareness to the amount of waste that is produced. At the end of the day, with all schools competing to reduce their waste, we all win with a cleaner environment!

What film is screened for the winning school?

Film is selected based on the schools preference. Accommodations can be made for daytime/nighttime screenings.

What arrangements need to be made with the custodial staff?

Since we want to be accountable for all waste produced, you will simply need to find out when the waste is collected from each room. Talk to your custodian to see how often each stream is collected and coordinate to work out a system for the students to weigh the garbage before it’s removed!

For any more questions or if you are interested in registering your school, please fill out the form below.